Amber list to be scrapped !!

Yesterday, the Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announced that the international travel traffic light system is being simplified in England with a single red list, as part of an overhaul of the rules from 4 October. He also said eight countries would be taken off the red list from Wednesday. PCR tests will no longer beContinue reading “Amber list to be scrapped !!”

England’s Covid Winter Plan – A or B ?

Yesterday, Measures to deal with rising Covid cases in England over the winter were announced – with a contingency “Plan B” if things get worse. Single vaccines will now be offered to children aged 12-15 and booster jabs to over-50s, health workers and the most vulnerable. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have confirmed they willContinue reading “England’s Covid Winter Plan – A or B ?”

Who should get a booster jab ?

The UK’s vaccine advisory body is set to decide whether booster doses against Covid-19 are needed this autumn. Prof Dame Sarah Gilbert told the BBC that offering a third booster dose to millions of people was “a complex decision”, as the vaccines are still providing strong protection, a year on from the initial two doses.Continue reading “Who should get a booster jab ?”

JCVI not recommending vaccines for all 12 to 15-year-olds.

Update – JCVI decision over-ruled by Chief Medical Officers Common sense has prevailed this afternoon when the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) have finally decided NOT to recommend Covid-19 vaccines for healthy children aged between 12 and 15, but has announced it is widening the so-far limited rollout to more children in thisContinue reading “JCVI not recommending vaccines for all 12 to 15-year-olds.”

Covid-19 protection waning for fully vaccinated people

Every day, I log my health status and that of my partner on the Covid-19 Zoe app, along with 4.7 million other contributors. The app is now providing real time data on vaccination status and immunity, and Zoe researchers are now seeing some waning of protection against Covid infections in double-jabbed people. The real-world studyContinue reading “Covid-19 protection waning for fully vaccinated people”

No Firm Conclusion on Origins of Coronavirus

US intelligence agencies have not been able to determine if the coronavirus pandemic was the result of an accidental leak from a lab or if it emerged naturally, according to declassified portions of a report to the White House. In a statement, President Biden said the United States would continue working to understand the originsContinue reading “No Firm Conclusion on Origins of Coronavirus”

President Biden to be briefed on Covid origins intelligence report

Back in May, US President Joe Biden ordered aides to work to resolve disputes among intelligence agencies and scientists examining the possibility of a laboratory accident in China, as well as that the virus originated naturally with animals, such as bats or birds. A 90-day intelligence review the president ordered is due later today, accordingContinue reading “President Biden to be briefed on Covid origins intelligence report”

Is catching Covid now better than more vaccine?

From mid August, Israel became the first nation to offer a third dose of vaccine as a booster jab to people over the age of 50. Other Nations are set to follow suit including the UK. However, this policy raises a number of serious questions on whether we should use booster shots or coronavirus itselfContinue reading “Is catching Covid now better than more vaccine?”

Covid-19 : Is it time to pay attention to the Lambda Variant ?

As the Delta variant ravages communities in Asia, Europe, and the United States, another variant of interest, Lambda, is spreading rapidly throughout South America. The Lambda variant, or C.37, was first identified in Peru as early as August 2020. Initially, Lambda infections were relatively rare. However, in recent months Lambda has become the dominant variantContinue reading “Covid-19 : Is it time to pay attention to the Lambda Variant ?”

Sunetra Gupta: Lockdown Policy Based on Faith, Not Evidence

Professors Sunetra Gupta and Paul Dolan have written a piece for the Telegraph pointing out that lockdowns were rolled out across the world last March in spite of never having been tried before as a way of mitigating the impact of a pandemic and in spite of no cost-benefit analysis having been done. Paul Dolan is Professor ofContinue reading “Sunetra Gupta: Lockdown Policy Based on Faith, Not Evidence”