Will different age groups get different vaccines ?

Last week, I posted twice about the Oxford vaccine and its efficacy rate, and it turns out I was not alone in not fully understanding the trial results. Indeed, concerns around the efficacy of the Oxford University/AstraZeneca vaccine in older people could lead to different age groups being given different vaccines. Their results announced lastContinue reading “Will different age groups get different vaccines ?”

Covid Christmas at home and abroad – guaranteed third wave in new Year

Yesterday, the Prime Minister announced that agreement had been reached across the four nations for coronavirus restrictions to be eased for Christmas to allow people to mix with a slightly wider circle of family and friends. Between 23 and 27 December, the three households will be allowed to form a temporary “Christmas bubble”. They canContinue reading “Covid Christmas at home and abroad – guaranteed third wave in new Year”

Oxford vaccine…. continued…including 2 important updates 26/11/20

Since the results of the Oxford vaccine trial were announced yesterday, I have been trying to understand how the efficacy rates for the different vaccine dosage regimens were calculated. This is the year that some of us became amateur epidemiologists and virologists, talking about terms such as the “R number”, “asymptomatic” and “exponential growth”, asContinue reading “Oxford vaccine…. continued…including 2 important updates 26/11/20”

Covid-19: Oxford University vaccine shows 70% protection – Really ??

The coronavirus vaccine developed by the University of Oxford stops 70% of people developing Covid symptoms, a large-scale trial shows. It will be seen as a triumph, but it comes off the back of Pfizer and Moderna showing 95% protection. The Oxford jab has the benefit of being far cheaper than its rivals, and isContinue reading “Covid-19: Oxford University vaccine shows 70% protection – Really ??”


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