Sendero Chris

Sendero Chris

I am a 74 year old retired NHS Hospital Manager, with time on his hands during the coronavirus pandemic. I live with my partner Jackie in Newport, South Wales.

Newport is a covid-19 hotspot with 755 confirmed cases and 94 deaths out of a local population of 154,676 as of 24th April 2020.

The City remains a hotspot, with a rate of 601 cases per 100k pop as of 7th December. The overall rate for Wales is 342 cases per 100k pop.

For UK residents, click here for cases and deaths in your area.

As you may have gathered from my avatar, I am into hiking. We spend quite a lot of time in Spain – hence the title “Sendero” which I thought meant Hiker, but literally translates as “Path”.

I am also into “Plogging” which comes from combining, “plogga” in Swedish “to pick up” and jogging. Get fit and at the same time clean up, it burns more calories than conventional jogging. At my age I don’t jog, but nevertheless it keeps me fit, and is very rewarding. For more more information on Plogging click here.

Here’s a “tongue in cheek” rap about Newport by local Group Goldie Lookin’ Chain. Enjoy !!

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