Professor Sunetra Gupta on variants including Omicron

Having got caught up in all the media frenzy and scaremongering about the Omicron variant, I have returned to my trusted source of information about coronavirus and covid-19 throughout the pandemic. Sunetra Gupta, Professor of Theoretical Epidemiology at the University of Oxford, has been villified by the media and some fellow scientists for her views on coronavirus, and yet her clear explanations about the epidemiology of covid-19 have usually, but not always, been right. Most governments and scientists have made mistakes about this novel coronavirus, and yet for some reason, Professor Gupta and some of her colleagues have faced unreasonable criticism for sharing their fundamental scientific views and opinions.

Here are 2 short videos, the first explaining variants and their effects in very simple terms, and the second specifically about the Omicron variant, and why it should NOT be considered a variant of concern, together with a sample of viewer’s comments.

“Thank you for posting this important video by by this preeminent professor! She has been such a voice of common sense and truthful, factual, non sensationalized scientific and humanitarian guided information over this past year and a half! An amazing human!” Wendy Chee

“As someone already mentioned it was good to hear a respected and extremely experienced individual such as yourself to mention natural active immunity as well as vaccine active immunity. Natural active immunity thus far in the US has been the black sheep in the family so to speak. Thank you.” Edward Stanley

“This video didn’t age very well. Here in the US, the delta surge that began this past summer has been much deadlier than the surge of summer 2020, despite widespread vaccination and natural immunity from prior infection and a much younger age distribution in the patients. Many other countries, including Russia, Mexico, and Iran have similarly affected by delta. This is not a coincidence as she’s to make it out to be. It’s abundantly clear that delta is 2-3 times more transmissible and 3 times as deadly as the original Wuhan strain.

All of her prognostications have been catastrophically false since day one. She claimed in summer 2020 that the UK had already seen the worst of the pandemic due prior infection in the first wave. Instead the winter wave in the UK was more than three times as deadly as the first wave, even in London which she said had already reached herd immunity the previous summer. It was very irresponsible of her to claim that T-cell cross-reactivity from endemic coronaviruses could count towards herd immunity to SARS-CoV-2 when no evidence in support of that claim ever existed and has since been proven false.” SiberianExpress2014

“Once again Sunetra Gupta, argues from a point of epidemiolocal expertise, and presents sensible, evidence based analysis. Once again, the Government, SAGE and the MSM ignore her knowledgeable, rationale and expertise for knee jerk reaction and sensationalism. Professor Carl Heneghan is another medical expert suffering the same demise. How I wish that these two were the Government’s chief scientific advisors. We would be in a better place than we are now.” Phillip Michael

“Now this Lady is the very embodiment of a humanistic ethical scientist—she and her colleagues are owed a deep apology!” Edward

“It’s not easy to go against the general accepted view. You need courage to do it. Thank you for being a beacon of truth!” David Bomberdi

So there we have it. Mixed views on the videos but as usual, only time will tell if She is right.

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