England lucky to reach Euros 2020 Final at expense of Denmark

Denmark have just lost to England in the Euros semi final this evening, but would the result have been the same if their captain and star player Christian Eriksen had been on the pitch ? On June 12, Eriksen had a sudden cardiac arrest and almost died while playing against Finland, sparking questions if he got vaccinated in the days before the European championship. To this day, neither Eriksen nor his doctors have confirmed or denied his vaccination. A German investigative journalist has now directly asked the Danish Football Association about Eriksen’s covid vaccination status. After some attempts to dodge the question, the press officer gave the following answer: “Hi Jens, We have no comments on players vaccinations as it’s a private issue. You can quote me on that. I have no further comments to you.. Bh Høyer.”

Meanwhile, two recently vaccinated cricket players also collapsed while playing, while a former Uruguayan soccer player died of cardiac arrest shortly after vaccination at age 48, as did, apparently, several teenage athletes in the US. The US CDC has recently confirmed that mRNA covid vaccines increase the risk of heart muscle inflammation, especially in young males. Large-scale vaccination of people at low risk of severe covid may not have been a good idea. Click for source article.

Danish soccer player Christian Eriksen collapsed while playing due to a sudden cardiac arrest (video)

Swiss Policy Research is considered by the Establishment to be a conspiracy web site, a view which I do not share. The very important question of whether covid vaccines can increase the risk of heart muscle inflamation is a perfectly reasonable question to ask and investigate. There have been five players who have suffered cardiac arrests on the pitch well before the pandemic. The former English midfielder Fabrice Muamba suffered a cardiac arrest while playing for Bolton Wanderers in their FA Cup clash against Tottenham Hotspur. Muamba’s heart stopped for 78 minutes but he was revived by the doctors. However, he couldn’t continue playing football after the incident and his career was cut short. Four other players suffered the same fate : Antonio Puerta died age 22, Bafetimbi Gomis survived and continued his career, Cheick Tiote died, Miklos Feher died aged 24.

So there we have it. Five players suffered cardiac arrests over a period of at least 15 years, and Christian Eriksen suffered the same fate in 2021 at the Euros, but his vaccination status has not been released. If he had not been vaccinated, one would think that information would have been released immediately, and he would just be another football player with a rare heart condition. If he had recently been partially or fully vaccinated against covid, then that information should be made public and fully investigated to see if it was a rare heart condition, a reaction to the vaccine or a combination of both. It is NOT a conspiracy theory !!

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