Our week in Iceland

Jackie writes a travel blog, so rather than summarize our trip, here is the link to the blog :


original picture of eruption of Fagradalsfjall volcano on March 19th 2021

My favourite days were the hike to the the erupting Fagradalsfjall volcano and the whale-watching trip when we saw a humpback whale and several pods of dolphins. The eruption has now subsided, but there remains a huge lavafield which is still warm and steaming where it crosses the hiking trail. I climbed up to an overlooking ridge to view the remaining eruption, which is now just one crater with bubbling lava – still an awsome sight.

15 second drone footage of original crater

We returned on June 29th in time to test negative on Day 2 of our return to wales, allowing us to attend a family wedding on July 2nd.

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