Covid-19 may well have escaped from a lab in Wuhan !! Its official !!

Took another break from posting on the pandemic when we spent the bank holiday weekend in Plymouth visiting my son, who we have not seen since last summer. The weather was glorious and the Barbican and Plymouth Hoe were heaving with visitors.

We arrived on Friday afternoon and had a wonderful meal out at Quay33 on the Barbican – one of the best seafood restaurant meals we have ever had. On Saturday, we did a driving tour of Dartmoor villages and Burator reservoir, including Sheepstor, Postbridge and Widecombe -in-the-moor.

Burator reservoir, Dartmoor, Devon

We had an hours delay midway as the new car got a puncture on a quiet dartmoor lane. and we had to wait an hour for roadside assistance to change the wheel. Sunday was a catch-up day with family and visiting an old work colleague of 93 who I had not seen for at least 25 years. Returned to Newport late Sunday afternoon.

The Sunday was also memorable for other reasons. The Sunday Times reported that Boris had got married in secret the day before, but more importantly, devoted a lot of coverage including a front page headline on the origins of Covid-19 ” Wuhan lab leak is “feasible” say British spys”. There was also a main editorial ” “When will the World learn the Truth about Wuhan” and also a full page spread on “The six questions China still wont answer.” This the first time that a mainstream establishment newpaper has given credence to the possibility that coronavirus could have escaped from a laboratory without labelling it a conspiracy theory. For those of us who have read these theories in the alternative media for the last 18 months or so, there was nothing new. However, the fact that it was reported in the Sunday Times was important. Interestingly, it was due to be covered in the BBC’s Andrew Marr show on Sunday morning, but it was not discussed at all – perhaps the BBC lawyers advised against it at the last minute.

Another comment in the paper headed “China’s virus denials are a load of old guano” is worth repeating verbatum. “So it looks like coronavirus could indeed have been a lab leak, after scientists discovered Covid has “unique fingerprints” that can have been created only by humans: a Frankenvirus cooked up in a lab. What can I say ? You dont have to be a billionaire philanthropist scientist to think it was strange for something to spring out of a wet market when the biggest viral lab in China – the Wuhan Institute of Virology – was moments away. Listening to the lengths to which the lab’s scientists went to research bat flu, raking for years through guano, you think why wouldn’t they tinker with the strains ? But no-one wanted to accept that China could have created it, even though it was evident from Day 1.” source articles from Sunday Times.

President Joe Biden has said the lab leak theory is being considered as US intelligence agencies try to discover the origins of coronavirus. Picture: Drew Angerer/Getty Images/AFP
President Joe Biden has said the lab leak theory is being considered as US intelligence agencies try to discover the origins of coronavirus. Picture: Drew Angerer/Getty Images/AFPSource:AFP

So why has The Sunday Times decided to start giving this theory credence after nearly 18 months of towing the Establishment line ? The probable answer is that on Thursday May 27th, US President Joe Biden has given US intelligence agencies 90 days to find more information about the origins of coronavirus, in the hope of reaching a “definitive conclusion”. In a revealing statement Mr Biden said the intelligence community had “coalesced” around two possibilities – that Covid-19 emerged from human contact with an infected animal, or that it came from a lab accident in China.

He said one “element” of the intelligence community was “leaning” towards the lab theory, while two elements were leaning towards the animal theory. The majority of US agencies, however, believe there is insufficient evidence to draw a conclusion either way. Mr Biden’s order comes days after The Wall Street Journal revealed three researchers from the Wuhan Institute of Virology were sick enough to seek hospital care in November 2019. That article added fuel to the theory that Covid-19 leaked from the lab, and today’s statement from the President confirms it is being actively considered. click full source article.

Trump says he has been proven right

Interestingly, in recent days, Mr Trump has again highlighted the lab theory, saying his claims last year have been proven right. “Now everybody is agreeing that I was right when I very early on called Wuhan as the source of Covid-19, sometimes referred to as the China Virus,” he wrote on his blog yesterday. “To me it was obvious from the beginning, but I was badly criticised, as usual. Now they are all saying, ‘He was right.’ Thank you!”

To be clear, both theories involve the virus originating in Wuhan, whether it came from the region’s wet markets or the lab. However Mr Trump is certainly correct that many in the media and the Democratic Party dismissed the lab theory last year. This week CNN reported the Biden administration had shut down a Trump-era State Department investigation, which sought to prove the theory, over concerns about “the quality of its work”.

So there we have it. At least the obvious theory on the origins of coronavirus is being taken seriously and properly investigated despite China’s best efforts, as the alternative Establishment theory that the virus came from the natural world via a bat and pangolin has also yet to be proven. Time will tell.

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