Covid-19 seriously out of control in Wales

Today, it was highlighted by the FT that Wales is suffering the worst Covid surge of any country in the Western world. That would be bad enough, however UK data now also reveals Wales is yet to be significantly hit by the new super-contagious strain of Coronavirus first understood by UK scientists last week. God knows how Mark Drakeford will respond to the next almost inevitable crisis… click source + video lampoon Drakeford

Coronavirus mutation not in Wales yet.

It was reported yesterday by First Minister Mark Drakeford that the new variant of the virus as been found “all over Wales” – with at least 600 new cases. Figures from the Office for National Statistics suggest 28% of sample swabs taken in the second week of December were the new variant of the virus. Wales’ deputy chief medical officer Dr Chris Jones said public health colleagues “feel this new strain could be causing up to 60%” of Covid infections in Wales. click full source

However, the diagram above shows little evidence that the new mutation is widespread in Wales, so it appears that despite the lockdown, cases will surge after Christmas with a looming crisis in the NHS. Time will tell.

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