Returning to Wales from Jersey

Watching the early morning BBC news this morning, the main headline was that face-coverings would become mandatory in shops and indoor public spaces in Wales from Monday 14th September. They became mandatory in Scotland from July 10th and in England from July 24th, fully 6-8 weeks before Mark Drakeford’s (aka the tortoise) announcement this morning.

The other headline we heard yesterday evening on the Channel islands local news was that some parts of Wales would be designated red status next week requiring holiday-makers to self-isolate for up to 14 days on arrival in Jersey, and be asked to undergo an additional PCR test 5 days.

After an uneventful flight to Heathrow, our car was delivered back to us (after waiting an hour) and we drove back to Newport, getting home about 3 pm.

On checking the Jersey government website where you have to disclose your travel history for the 14 days prior to your planned arrival in Jersey, including country of departure, and any other countries or regions visited in this 14-day period, the following changes have occurred :

Newport will change from Green to Amber status from Monday September 14th. This involves a Day 0 and Day 5 PCR test: Self isolation until a second negative test result. If we had started our holiday next Monday, we would have had to spend the first five days of our seven day break in our Hotel + another day waiting for the result of the second test, so the holiday would have been a write-off; we were so lucky !!

Caerphilly will change from Green to Red status from Monday September 14th. This involves Day 0 PCR test: Mandatory 14 day self-isolation – not even a second PCR test. Not sure what we would have done if we lived in Caerphilly, as my step-daughter does. The whole seven days would have meant staying hotel room for duration of holiday, and not sure how we would have got home.

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