German doctors launch international appeal to shed light on coronavirus crisis

Right at the start of this blog on my Home page, I talked about its “real purpose was to pull together and curate alternative views that are not always covered by the relentless 24 hour news coverage of the Mainstream media”. I said “there will be no Fake News, no Conspiracy theories no Disinformation and no Misinformation in this Blog I hope, although one can never be totally sure in this day and age”. 

However, the more I read and research web sites and articles that reflect my point of view, I am increasingly questioning whether some of these “alternative views” are in fact disinformation or misinformation, or whether they are genuine views that I happen to agree with. A good example of this is from the french website about a group of German doctors launching their own enquiry into their government’s management of covid-19.

Other articles from reputable professors on the site denounce vaccines against coronavirus as “useless and dangerous” and that masks are “nests for microbes”.

The ACU is a group of German doctors who launched in July an international call for independent investigations to be carried out and light to be shed on the management of the COVID-19 epidemic and its many collateral consequences. They highlight in particular the dangers of vaccines in development, or the obligation to wear a mask. More than 2000 people including many health professionals have already joined their ranks. Video and extracts. “If Parliament does not do it, then we, the citizens, are called upon to do it ourselves.”

“Governments need to make decisions and, in emergency situations, like a pandemic, they also need to take actions that may on the face of it restrict basic rights. But they are also required to constantly review these measures and relax them as quickly as possible in order to avoid collateral damage. ”

“The only thing that comes from the government is the constant call for vaccination against a disease which we now know very well, thanks to many international studies, that it is very comparable to influenza diseases , that the death rates are not higher than with the strong waves of influenza and that the measures cannot be justified by this. ”

“Recognized international studies and experts from all fields, whether virologists, bacteriologists, epidemiologists or even economists, simply go unheard or are ignored. Worse yet, they are called liars, charlatans or conspiracy theorists, which is sure to become the watchword of the year 2020. ”

“We are announcing a vaccination which can be very dangerous, a vaccination without medical necessity […]. There aren’t even enough people in Germany who get sick anymore for a vaccine to be tested on them. And this is a new form of vaccination, called RNA, which, unlike previous vaccinations, is able to modify genetic material. And can cause untold harm to people. ” […]

Editor’s note : We note in passing that this information has been relayed very little in the French media (look for it, you will see), with the notable exception of which was not shy to mark this initiative with the infamous seal of “conspiracy”:
– “Conspiracy: the ACU, this group of German doctors who minimize the Covid-19”

– ACU official site (French version)
– Nexus: “German doctors launch a citizen and independent Commission of Inquiry into COVID-19”
– InfoDuJour: “Covid: situation in France and in the world in the 1st August 2020 ”

The associated video with this article is not available “This video does not exist” and people commenting on the article claim the video has been censored by the Government.

So what are we to make of it ? Are these conspiracy theories, or doctors and scientists with genuine alternative views to Government establishment thinking ? Views please.

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