Baldness can seriously damage your health !

Bald men may be at higher risk of suffering from severe Covid-19 symptoms, emerging evidence suggests.  The link is so strong that some researchers are suggesting baldness should be considered a risk factor called the “Gabrin sign”, after the first US physician to die of Covid-19 in the United States, Dr Frank Gabrin, who was bald. 

Bald men at serious risk from covid-19

Data since the beginning of the outbreak in Wuhan, China in January has shown that men are more likely to die after getting coronavirus. In the UK, a report this week from Public Health England found that working-age males were twice as likely as females to die after being diagnosed with Covid-19.

Increasingly, scientists believe it could be because androgens – male sex hormones like testosterone – may play a part not only in hair loss, but also in boosting the ability of coronavirus to attack cells. A study from Veneto, Italy, of 9,280 patients found that men with prostate cancer who were on androgen-deprivation therapy – drugs that cut testosterone levels – were only a quarter as likely to contract Covid-19 as men with the disease who were on other treatments. 

There are now several clinical studies starting which hope to address these issues, but much more evidence is needed before we can know whether these hormone therapies would be an effective treatment for Covid-19.” Click for full article

Prince Charles opened up about his experience with COVID-19 during a recent rare interview, admitting that while he got away “quite lightly”, contracting the disease has made him more determined to “push and shout and prod” as he called for nature to return to the “centre of everything we do”. Charles paid tribute to key and health workers in an interview with Sky News, expressing his sympathy with those who had lost family or friends to the deadly disease.

Prince William may not be so lucky. He needs to be vigilant against coronavirus for obvious reasons.

HRH Prince William

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