Taking personal Responsibility

Another trip across the Severn bridge today against both Wales and England lockdown regulations. Traffic intensity not as high as a normal Sunday, but we were not alone. Lovely day out with family with a socially distanced picnic on the lawn in Bristol, followed by a 10 km (6 miles) walk along the Severn estuary near the decommissioned Oldbury nuclear power station – a beautiful, industrial heritage art deco structure dominating the skyline.

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Oldbury Power Station

A joy to be out walking again on such a glorious day, with the ever changing riverscape and families of ducks and geese . High of 24 C but the breeze off the river kept the temperature tolerable for walking.

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It was liberating to take responsibility for ones actions this weekend against the diktats of the State(s) – Wales and England. Our protest is over. Any respect for this incompetent UK Government is gone.

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Bless him

The Welsh assembly is a joke with its ultra cautious policies : “Five miles to see family and friends: Wales’ new lockdown rules explained”

People in Wales will be able to meet people from other households from Monday, June 1, the Welsh Government has announced. This will allow many to meet family and friends for the first time since lockdown was announced on Monday, March 23. Members from two households will be able to meet, however they must abide by the two-metre social distancing guidance, and not travel further than five miles.

Wind turbines at Oakdale Business Park can already be seen from Pen-y-Fan PondPen-y-Fan Pond
As of Monday, June 1, two households will be able to meet providing they stay socially distanced and don’t travel more than five miles

What if my family and friends live further away?

If friends or family live further than five miles away, you will not be able to meet them within these new guidelines.

For example, a household living in Caerphilly town could not travel to meet a household in Blackwood, which is eight miles away. They could however meet that same household in an open outdoor space in Ystrad Mynach which is within five miles of both.

Why five miles?

The decision to restrict people to five miles has been met with opposition, with concerns risen that it continues to stop people seeing their families and has a disproportionate impact on people who live in more isolated or rural places.

Why such modest changes?

The modest changes, which some have described as “over-cautious”, are believed to be guided by the fact that the rate of transmission in Wales is still quite high.  

The R-number (the rate at which the virus is being transmitted in the community) remains high at 0.8. A slight increase to an R-number of 1.0 would risk a spike in new cases of coronavirus.

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