Test, Track,Trace and Isolate?

It’s now 10 days since Isle of Wight residents were asked to test the NHS app, which is at the heart of the government’s “Test, Track and Trace” strategy. This is fundamental to controlling the coronavirus pandemic, managing the easing of the lockdown, and any future outbreaks, both at national and local level., Early indications are that it’s not going very well.

“Test, Track, and Trace” is the latest major challenge for the government, but reminiscent of the “Stay at Home” and the new  nebulous “Stay Alert” slogans fiasco, even the title is confusing to many, as it is appearing in several different forms. I think the official government title is Test, Track and Trace”, but I have seen several other versions, including “Test, trace and Isolate”, Track, trace and isolate ,  “Track and Trace”  etc.. you get the drift.

Add to this the fact that there are two differing approaches and two different apps, this is probably leading to another government disaster. The NHS is developing its own app being piloted on the IOW using a centralised approach, whereas Google and Apple have already developed a decentralised app which is being used by most countries worldwide.

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