Welsh First Minister confuses his own rules

After railing against the different lockdown measures in the four nations of the UK recently, I couldn’t resist posting this from the Guido fawkes web site :

First Minister of Wales Mark Drakeford repeatedly claimed that people could meet up with family members from other households in parks at his press conference yesterday. The man who has been at pains to stress his rules were different from those in England claimed in response to two different questions:

“It has been the case throughout coronavirus in Wales that if you as an individual are out taking exercise you can, at a social distance, have contact with one other person.”

“The rules in Wales are that two people can meet providing they observe social distancing, so if one person from a household is going out and meeting another member of their family then under our rules that would be permitted.”

When WalesOnline, who attended the press conference, subsequently published an article saying exactly what Mark Drakeford had said, it found itself chastised by the Welsh Government that Drakeford’s quotes are not in fact the rules in Wales, and that “arranging to meet friends and family is not reasonable excuse” to leave your home.

WalesOnline now says that “by the time the Welsh Government had given us a correction at 6.50 pm over 50,000 people had read this incorrect advice.” A pretty monumental mistake. Guido suspects Welsh Labour may now be regretting boasting so loudly about their oh so clear messaging…

One thought on “Welsh First Minister confuses his own rules

  1. You do know of course that Guido Fawkes is a right wing, free market commentator who would of course delight in any Labour politician getting their facts wrong. I wonder if he highlighted Dominic Raab’s incompetence in also muddling up the details of Johnson’s relaxation of lock down rules?


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