Over 70’s Revolt against grey lockdown

Personalities including Michael Buerk and Angela Rippon have voiced defiance at plans to place restrictions on the elderly until a vaccine is found. This idea was floated last weekend when the Government “leaked” draft plans for lifting the lockdown, and I voiced my objections then. (see

Revolt is in the air as the government ponders whether to order older people to stay indoors while easing restrictions on the rest of society.

Broadcaster Michael Buerk: ‘I’ll be the best judge of what’s in my interests, as long as I don’t adversely impact others’
Broadcaster Michael Buerk: ‘I’ll be the best judge of what’s in my interests, as long as I don’t adversely impact others’YUI MOK

The official word is “shielding”, but the over-70s have harsher words to describe the prospect of a prolonged “grey lockdown”: illiberal, immoral and un-British.

Baby-boomers, who refuse to be lumped in with the care home generation, have already begun their fightback in parliament, and this weekend some of their best-known voices joined the resistance.

Source – https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/over-70s-revolt-against-grey-lockdown-k3qzzh06n

As a rising 74 year old, I have no intention of being ordered to be locked down in my home for 12-18 months and forbidden to see my family, by an incompetent, bungling government incapable of managing a crisis such as the one we face, “until a vaccine is found.”

They have been trying to find a vaccine for the SARS virus for the last 18 years, so to coin a phrase, “Don’t hold your breath.” in finding a vaccine for covid-19, despite 70 research teams round the world working on it full time.

If it is possible, I would consider moving to Stockholm if this policy is implemented. Sweden’s strategy to keep large parts of society open is widely backed by the public. There is no lockdown there. Photos have been shared around the world of bars with crammed outdoor seating and long queues for waterfront ice cream kiosks, and yet it is a myth that life here goes on “as normal”.

Watched Professor Christophe Fraser on the Andrew Marr ptogramme this morning, talking about his covid-19 contact tracing app, He confirmed some of my calculated figures of millions already infected by covid-19 (3% – 10%) settling of a number of just under 6 million people.

His study mapped out the possible impact that a contact-tracing app could have in tracking possible infections and limiting the number of people exposed to the virus. It found that such a technological solution could have a significant impact on the spread of the virus, when combined with other measures .

Happy to download the app on my smartphone, but think I will dig out my old nokia mobile to use when I go out……only joking ?

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