Social restrictions remain for rest of year

The UK will have to live with some disruptive social measures for at least the rest of the year, the government’s chief medical adviser has said.

Prof Chris Whitty said it was “wholly unrealistic” to expect life would suddenly return to normal soon. “This disease is not going to be eradicated, it is not going to disappear,” he said, at the government’s daily coronavirus briefing.

“So we have to accept that we are working with a disease that we are going to be with globally… for the foreseeable future.”

He said “in the long run” the ideal way out would be via a “highly effective vaccine” or drugs to treat the disease.But he warned that the chance of having those within the next calendar year was “incredibly small”.

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House of Commons and Welsh Assembly Zoom in

The new, virtual, House of Commons opened an unprecedented day with the first-ever remote Welsh Questions – with Secretary of State Simon Hart answering from home.

Sound quality was occasionally ropey, questions had occasionally to be guessed at, with Mr Hart revealing previously unsuspected lip-reading skills.

The pace was deliberately leisurely, with Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle spinning out the way he called MPs to speak, to allow the technical crews behind the scenes to get the right face up on the screens.

PMQs was surprisingly entertaining , with pundits to being completely distracted by MPs’ backgrounds as they video called in from their homes, and the close-ups gave a new dimension : 

Ian Blackford 

PMQs got off to a great start with Ian Blackford, who, despite only showing off his top half, managed to proudly display his balls to the Commons.

Sally-Ann Hart

Sally-Ann undoubtedly won the prize for ‘most Tory interior’, complete with a gilded painting and seemingly a drinks cabinet. Chin-chin…

Barry Gardiner

Trust Barry to set Twitter off. In line with his general persona of Alan Partridge incarnate, Gardiner seemingly Facetimed in from a hotel bedroom. Insert PM Off/Premier Inn joke here…

Nick Fletcher

Nick clinches the award for most outrageous wallpaper, though the cumulative vibe from his outfit and background looked like he’d just ducked out of a wedding in order to ask his question

Stephen Kinnock

Kinnock knew exactly what he was doing. The only MP to stand up and pose to camera. He later revealed he used an iPad, on top of a chest, propped up against a pair of trainers. Top improvising…

Ed Davey

One MP in the chamber was heard saying “interesting artwork” when Sir Ed appeared via Zoom. The only interesting thing about the LibDem’s square acting leader…

Fay Jones

Like a true Tory, Fay showed off a miniature model of the Queen and her corgies in the background.A day too late for birthday celebrations though… 

Liz Saville Roberts

Liz showed off her extensive book collection. Guido reckons he can spot a couple of dictionaries above her head which, of course, Liz the Welsh Nationalist needs to help speak the mother tongue, having not moved to Wales until the age of 18.

Any MPs reading might be interested in downloading these Parliament Zoom background mock-ups before their next video-link appearance……and watching this video :

Design your own Zoom suit

Wales’ proceedings didn’t run quite as smoothly, with the Labour Health minister Vaughan Gething swearing at a fellow member being picked up when he left his microphone on.  It appears Gething directed his fury at fellow Labour AM Jenny Rathbone, spitting “what the f**k is the matter with her?” Plaid Cymru are of course demanding his resignation…

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