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During February of this year, just before the Coronavirus Pandemic, we were on a South American cruise from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Santiago, Chile. via Cape Horn.

Our dinner table guests were a couple from South Africa, and on most evenings, the subject of the coronavirus epidemic raging in China came up regularly in conversation. (We had Sky TV on the Ship for daily updates). I distinctly remember suggesting that Covid-19 could become a worldwide pandemic, as the World was long overdue for a major pandemic, the last one being the Spanish flu in 1918 which killed up to 50 million people worldwide. I also suggested that Covid-19 had the potential to shut down worldwide air travel. Not sure anyone agreed with me at the time.

Baron King of Rothbury, aka Mervyn King, retired Governor of the Bank of England during the financial banking crisis of 2008 was also on the cruise as a guest speaker, and gave a series of lectures on the subject of his new book “Radical Uncertainty – Decision-making for an unknowable future” (co-authored by John Kay). He is a truly inspirational speaker, standing on stage and speaking for an 50 minutes or so without notes or slides. He would then get his pocket watch out to check the time, and then take questions.

One day, the sea was too rough to tender passengers ashore at Puerto Mott in Chile, so we had an additional day at sea, and Lord King gave an extra lecture and Q&A session.

I came across these 2 clips on Guido Fawkes web site courtesy of Sky TV, and thought I would share with you, re lifting the Lockdown :

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