Easter Sunday Lockdown

Easter Day and one like no other. Another beautiful sunny day, albeit a bit cooler than the last two days. The Pope  live streamed his Easter message from the st Paul’s Basilica at the Vatican,  the Queen sending an Easter message for the first time in her long reign, and the Archbishop of Canterbury streamed his Easter message live from his kitchen.

Today’s good news was that the Prime Minister was released from Hospital a week after he was admitted, including 3 days in Intensive Care. For a time, his life appeared to be in danger. His short statement, issued on Saturday night, paying tribute to NHS staff, followed a nerve-racking few days when he was rushed to hospital, later admitted to intensive care, given oxygen, before being released back on to the ward to begin his slow recovery. “I can’t thank them enough, I owe them my life,” said Boris Johnson.

The days other main news was that the UK’s Covid-19 death toll exceeded 10,000 with 737 deaths announced today, the figures excluding many more deaths in the Community. The Health Secretary confirmed that 19 NHS workers were included in these numbers. There are reports circulating online claiming that this number is “at least 40” as of today, according to the new left media outlet The Skwarwkbox. These numbers remain to be verified by Government sources.

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